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ACH Direct

ACH Direct delivers an all-in-one business class solution for ACH payroll direct deposit, cash management transfers, pre-authorized debits, vendor payments, and more. Web-hosted with intuitive navigation, this multi-solution platform enables your FI to compete in the commercial marketplace and retain your most valued business account relationships. Dual-controls, risk limit management, pre-noting and multi-factor login creates a secure, low-risk environment and NACHA compliant solution. ACH Direct is the essential foundation for a successful treasury management and business e-banking program.


Payroll Direct Deposit

  • A full-featured and easy to use payroll deposit solution, exactly what business clients of all types are looking for.
  • Employees can distribute their payroll deposit across multiple deposit accounts with any institution.
  • NACHA formatted payroll files may be imported from other payroll and accounting software, then submitted for ACH processing.
  • Email notifications of deposit amount and date, giving the employee advance deposit notice.
  • Offering a payroll direct deposit solution has never been easier or more affordable.

Vendor Payments & Cash Management

  • Provide your business clients all the tools they need to transfer funds between corporate accounts held at your institution and other Financial Institutions.
  • Improve cash flow, pay business partners and schedule pre-authorized debits from their customers and vendors.
  • CCD entry class code with addenda records for additional payment-related info and invoice numbers.
  • Optional email notification feature offers immediate confirmation emails to the receiving party.
  • Convenient alternative to wire transfers, paper check handling, phone calls and other costly procedures.

Pre-Authorized Payments

  • Perfect for business clients seeking an automated solution for payments from consumer accounts.
  • PPD entry class code for recurring consumer payments of rent, gym memberships, condo association fees, union dues and other payments.
  • Provides your businesses the convenience of collecting payments electronically on a pre-authorized basis each billing cycle.
  • Improve your business client’s payment rates, and reduce their internal collection expenses.
  • Enables the business to project anticipated cash deposits to their corporate accounts.

HSA Funding

  • Quick and easy solution for business owners to contribute to employee health savings accounts, or for employees to contribute via payroll deduction.
  • Contributions can be made each payday or on any schedule that meets their needs.
  • Simple to use with email notifications to employees upon submission of ACH posting file.
  • Detailed tracking of all year-to-date contributions relative to the current IRS contribution limits.

Tax Payments

  • Provides your business clients the convenience of paying Federal and State taxes electronically via ACH.
  • The employer’s corporate account is automatically debited on the date of the scheduled tax payment, helping to eliminate errors and omissions.
  • Hundreds of applicable codes built in for both Federal and State taxes, ensuring payments are submitted to the correct government-owned bank account.