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MPay Xpress

MPay Xpress is the premium multi-channel, mobile optimized payments platform you have been looking for. Empower your business and municipal clients to accept ACH e-Check and Credit/Debit Card payments via Online Web, Phone, In Person and other transaction environments. Additionally, MPay Xpress is specialized and tailored for each of your client’s unique needs. Stand-alone deployment or API integration is available, with the latest in PCI and NACHA security standards. MPay Xpress provides near limitless opportunity for your FI to engage in the growing marketplace of electronic payments.


Online Web-Hosted Payments

  • Allows consumers to self-manage their payments via secure web hosted portal
  • From an access link on the business website, payers are transferred to the secure payment site where they can log in and submit their payment
  • Login profiles, payment account and history are retained for repeat users. Guest-user options are available for consumers making one-time payments only
  • Accept payments via ACH e-Check, Credit or Debit card, plus one-time or automated recurring transactions
  • White-label branding with multiple settings allows your business client to precisely create their desired user experience

Pre-Authorized Recurring & Auto-Pay

  • Simplify payments by setting them up to automatically recur.
  • Administrative access for business managers to originate pre-authorized recurring debits to their consumer accounts; the perfect solution for improving payment success rates.
  • Recurring payments for fixed dollar amounts or a convenient auto-pay feature for payment amounts that vary each billing cycle.

Over the Phone Payments

  • Ideal payment channel for business clients with a limited online presence
  • For fast payment entry and immediate card authorization in call center environments
  • Allows consumers to phone in their payment information and establish an ACH recurring payment plan

In-Person Virtual Terminal

  • For in-person payment transactions, MPay Xpress offers an easy-to-use Virtual Terminal solution
  • Set up shop for over-the-counter payments, self-help kiosks, special events, fundraising, and other similar one-time payment environments
  • Cards can be authorized for a sale transaction by physical swipe or easily keyed into the web-hosted Virtual Terminal interface

Touch-Tone Phone IVR

  • As an alternative to online web-hosted payments, our Touch-Tone Phone IVR system is a perfect fit for payers without regular internet access
  • The IVR can be directly accessed via a dedicated 800 number, or integrated as a touch-tone menu option within other IVR phone systems

mConnect API

  • For a more seamless user experience, API integration to other websites and vendor programs is available
  • Ranging from a quick single-sign-on, i-framing, or a more fully integrated experience with real-time data exchange to meet every level of integration your business client desires
  • NACHA and PCI Compliant, mConnect API eliminates worries about safely accepting payment data and storing sensitive customer account information
  • For business clients that prefer a quick and simple on-boarding, MPay Xpress can be deployed as a stand-alone payment gateway with SFTP file exchanges