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A2A On-Demand Transfers

A2A On-Demand Transfers is a time-tested and secure ACH transfer solution.  A consumer-facing web portal allows account holders to self-manage all their ACH transfer activity. Financial Institutions have full administrative control over access to On-Demand Transfers via a simplified approval process and monitoring tools. This standalone platform delivers feature-rich capabilities without the need for a costly integration project and can be up and running in a matter of days.

ACH On-Demand Transfers

  • Designed for self-service, all the tools consumers need to perform one-time or recurring ACH transfers.
  • A2A funds transfers between accounts owned by the consumer or person-to-person transfers.
  • Online profile for consumers to request approval for adding new accounts, eliminates much of the operational inefficiencies in legacy systems.
  • Direct account-level ACH posting for consumer deposits as soon as next business day. A fully automated process that eliminates manual internal account transfers and file imports.
  • Enhance your account relationships, improve your retention and overall account satisfaction.

Administrative and Security Controls

  • Real-time account monitoring, daily reporting and account-level risk controls.
  • Admin portal allows Financial Institution staff to originate transfers on behalf of consumers (PPD).
  • Approve consumers for access to On-Demand Transfers, including establishing individual risk limits.
  • Records maintenance functionality gives your institution full control over each consumer account activity.