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Jan/Feb/March 2019 News

Announcing Statement View!  LoanPay Xpress & MPay Xpress

We are continually developing ways to make ampliFI eSolutions even better and more user friendly for our customers. We listen to your concerns and strive to enhance and improve our products.

Contact us today and ask about our Statement View Enhancement. This allows institutions and business clients to upload statement-related data to the LoanPay Xpress and MPay Xpress payment portals. Payers can quickly and conveniently view their account status in a single location.

More good news – Master operators can now reset other operators’ passwords! Please contact us with any questions you have about our enhancements and services.

New Employees

We are growing and with that growth, comes much needed help! We welcome nine new employees to the MWI Family!

(Back row, left to right) Engels Brizuela, Customer Relations Representative/Chris Butcher, Developer/James Riley, Developer

Bruce Abernethy, Software Development Manager/Kaylee Jung, System Administrator

(Front row, left to right) Tommy Piccirillo, Customer Relations Assistant Mgr/Doreen Troyer, Developer

Heidi Brower, Project Management Assistant/Jesse Panesar, System Administrator

Experience More Growth!  Marketing & Training Solutions For You

Designed to help you amplify your institution’s volume in the marketplace, we offer marketing and training solutions for you! We can brand your marketing package to reflect the strengths of your institution.  Experience more growth and opportunity through our marketing and training solutions! We offer sales and staff training, FI-branded marketing materials, FI-branded product demos and product presentations, at no cost to you!  Contact us today to get started!

We welcome new Financial Institutions!

  • Advantage Credit Union
  • Cherokee Strip Credit Union
  • Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union
  • Florida Rural Electric Credit Union
  • GHS Federal Credit Union
  • Greater Metro Federal Credit Union
  • Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union
  • Gulf Trust Federal Credit Union
  • IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
  • Madison County Federal Credit Union
  • MIT Federal Credit Union
  • My Credit Union
  • Nebraska State Employees Credit Union
  • Northern Credit Union
  • Northwest Arkansas Federal Credit Union
  • Ripco Credit Union
  • River Valley Credit Union
  • Services Center Federal Credit Union
  • Southpoint Financial Credit Union
  • Starion Bank
  • Stark Federal Credit Union
  • SUMA Federal Credit Union
  • TruChoice Federal Credit Union
  • Workers Credit Union

Visit us at the Conferences!

  • New England ACH Association (NEACH) in Boston, MA – May 13-15
  • Electronic Payments Core of Knowledge (EPCOR) Spring Conf in Columbus, OH – May 21-23
  • MCUL & Affiliates Annual Convention & Expo Detroit, MI – June 5-9
  • National Association Federal Credit Union Conference & Solution Expo in New Orleans LA – June18-21
  • Michigan Banker Association Mackinac Island, MI – June 18-21

Same Day ACH Helps Payroll at Companies of all Sizes

Same Day ACH is not just for big firms in glass towers. In fact, the smallest of companies are some of its biggest beneficiaries! For more reading, see what Paytech has to say.

We appreciate the American Payroll Association’s PAYTECH magazine allowing us to reprint the article.

Looking Forward – Cybercrime Predictions for the New Year

As if hacking exploits of last year were not scary enough (remember: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Twitter and T-Mobile, City of Atlanta, Exactis, Adidas, FedEx, Ticketmaster, and countless medical providers); the list goes on and on with hacks stealing data from millions upon millions of people worldwide. It seems the public is only aware of the most egregious hacks making the evening news, but there are many more that get buried by the news of the day. Hackers continue to evolve, using tactics that are proven successful and they sharpen those tactics into well-targeted and highly successful hacking exploits. The damage done in 2018 was a wild ride for consumers, and that ride continues into 2019 with cyber-threat landscape predictions from IBM X-Force security researchers.

IBM-X-Force looks at the emerging hacking trends of 2018 to determine the clues and indicators of cybercrimes to come in this new year. Read further about just a few of the cybercrime waves we can expect to see in 2019 and ways to protect yourself.

Credit: SOS Daily News – Published March