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October 2017 News

LoanPay Xpress and MPay Xpress are now enhanced with mobile opitimization! Enjoy optimization for all devices, pay multiple loans in one session and store multiple payment methods. Borrowers will be impressed with the enhanced user experience for making loan payments quickly, easily and efficiently! Customize your program with the terms that best fit your financial institution and the individuals you serve.

Special features include:
• Optimized for any device, from smartphones to desktops
• Pay and manage multiple loan accounts in one login session
• Greater controls over differing loan types and risk parameters
• Enhanced consumer-facing user experience with a fresh interface
• Store multiple payment methods via checking/savings & credit/debit card
• Improved branding capabilities
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We are excited to announce and welcome the following institutions who have recently join us! We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.
CB&S Bank, Encentus Federal Credit Union, Independent Federal Credit Union and The State Bank Fenton

INDUSTRY NEWS: Premium LinkedIn Accounts Targeted In New Document Sharing Scam
Credit: Stickley on Security

LinkedIn has about 500 million users and within those user accounts is a lot of information. So it’s not a big surprise when we hear that cybercriminals are using the service to hook victims in elaborate phishing scams. Visit www.stickleyonsecurity.com to learn more.

Never open attachments or click links from unknown senders, regardless of the vehicle used. It’s especially important on business networking sites, such as LinkedIn because there is some expectation that unknown persons will attempt to contact others from time to time. However, they should not be sending links without some sort of notice. If you do get one, don’t click it.

If you are not expecting a link or attachment, confirm it using email, the telephone, text, or by paying a personal visit before clicking.

If you are asked to view a shared document, try logging into your Google account directly from a saved address in your browser, rather than by clicking a link. If someone shares files with you, it should show up as soon as you log in that way.