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The Latest News from ampliFI

Customer Relations & Data Processing hours for the 2018 holiday season are as follows:

  • Thursday, November 22 – Closed
  • Monday, December 24 – Open until 12pm ET
  • Tuesday, December 25 – Closed
  • Tuesday, January 1, 2019 – Closed

Coming Soon – Dynamic Reporting for LoanPay & MPay!

You asked and we listened! As Magic-Wrighter continues to enhance user experience, we are excited to announce our highly requested Dynamic Reporting for LoanPay and MPay!

Dynamic Reporting will allow users to search our reports chronologically rather than daily only. This feature will not only save you time and money but will also make reconciling much less taxing for both you and your business customers.

Watch for more information regarding the release of Dynamic Reporting!

Marketing & Training Solutions – ampliFI Your Volume

Did you know Magic-Wrighter offers marketing and training solutions? Designed to help you amplify your institution’s volume in the marketplace, we can brand your marketing package to reflect the strengths of your institution.

  • Gain access to new markets
  • Develop multi-product relationships
  • Generate new sources of residual income
  • Improve account retention

Experience more growth and opportunity through our marketing and training solutions! We offer sales and staff training, FI-branded marketing materials, FI-branded product demos and product presentations, at no cost to you!

Contact us today to get started – sales@magicwrighter.com!

Don’t Get Hooked – Watch out for Phishing Scams

Phishing remains the most popular scam among fraudsters because attacks are relatively easy to execute and tend to be successful, generating billions of dollars each year. By impersonating a renowned and trusted entity, cybercriminals attempt to obtain important personal information, such as accounts numbers, passwords, SSN and credit card information.

Protect yourself by keeping an eye out for these tell-tale signs:

  • The sender: Be weary of emails from unknown senders and watch for impersonators.
  • The addressees: Review the list of people the email is addressed to, among them might be unknown users or ex-employees.
  • The subject: If the subject refers to documents you have not requested, like an attachment, it could be a sign of something wrong.
  • The attachment: ZIP, DOC, XLS, EXE and PDF files are known for being potentially hazardous.
  • The greeting: The greeting tends to be generic such as “Dear Customer” or “Dear Business Associate.”
  • The body of the message: If the message is asking for personal information or inappropriate details, it’s definitely a red flag.
  • The Link: Be careful of all links. Verify the URL by hovering your mouse over it and making sure the hyperlink matches the original URL name. Better yet, type the URL of the company you do business with into your browser and make it a habit to never click on links in emails, unless you verify its authenticity.

Be prepared and don’t get hooked!

Credit: InfoSight, Inc.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Same-Day ACH – One Year Later by Digital Transactions

“Competition from faster payments pushed the automated clearing house to introduce same-day processing, but now the ACH may well turn the tables”, says Sarah Grotta, director for the debit and alternative products advisory service at Mercator Advisory Group, Maynard, Mass.

For the rest of the article visit Digital Transactions.Net.

We welcome the following FIs to Magic-Wrighter!

  • Academy Bank
  • Armed Forces Bank, National Association
  • Department of Labor Federal Credit Union
  • Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union
  • Lighthouse Community Credit Union
  • North Carolina Community Federal Credit Union
  • Spirit Bank
  • Sutton Point
  • Androscoggin Bank
  • CNB Bank
  • Dollar Bank, FSB
  • Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union
  • Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
  • Southland Credit Union
  • Thornapple Credit Union