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Xpress Check Direct – Your Remote Deposit Capture Solution

Are you thinking about RDC? Xpress Check Direct offers the best in affordable browser-based Remote Deposit Capture, amplifying your suite of business-class solutions beyond the ordinary core solutions.

Gain access to new market opportunities and business clients in your community. Reduce your in-branch check-handling processing costs.

Xpress Check Direct offers both a business-managed RDC platform, and also an FI-managed Lockbox solution for your most valuable, high-volume clients.

Get started with RDC today! Contact us for more information!

Take Advantage of our Trainings

Magic-Wrighter’s Customer Relations department provides comprehensive and personalized training sessions for each of the ampliFI eSolutions products we offer.

Our goal is to support you (and your client) during setup, implementation and day-to-day processing. Individual training sessions are encouraged for both financial institutions and business customers upon request.

Take advantage of this service today! Contact us for more information!

CyberSecurity from SOS Daily News – Tech Savvy Millennials Lost $61 Million Last Year

As tech savvy as the millennial generation is, it may surprise you that they are not all that cybersecurity savvy when it comes to fraud. A recent report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has found that those in the age group between 20-29 reported being victims of fraud more than those in other age groups. Surprising, indeed.

Those in their twenties are doing well when it comes to figuring out ways to make money using the Internet. However, according to the report, more than 71,000 fraud incidents were reported within the last year. The dollar figure taken from them was close to $61 million.

But don’t believe for a second that it’s only the youngsters that were victims. Those over the age of 70 lost more money overall than the whippersnappers. The median loss for those between 70 and 79 was $621 and for those over 80 lost $1,092. The Millennials can brag about only being taken for a median of $400.

How did they lose the money? Well, it was payment card fraud. The FTC noted that the figure for this increased by 20% over the previous year.

So, for everyone out there, there are few ways to protect your payment card information:

  • Of course, always keep it tucked away and out of plain sight. When using it, put it away as soon as you’re finished.
  • Don’t give the information verbally when others are around. Wait until you can go to a place where it’s less likely others may hear you rattling off numbers and expiration dates.
  • When at a point of sale system, use the “credit” option over the “debit” one. Using it this way will provide more protections against fraud, but also protects you against someone re-creating your card and using it at an ATM to withdraw your cash.
  • Monitor payment card charges frequently and report suspicious activity right away by calling the number on the back of the card or by using contact information from the issuer’s website.
  • Be aware that fraudsters can be tricky and email links or attachments that ask for payment card information that is so realistic, it can fool even the most cybersecurity savvy.

Protecting your payment card information not only helps you directly, but also helps keep costs down for your financial institution. And that is always a good thing.

Credit: SOS Daily News published August 19, 2018

Baby Days

Congratulations to Nicole Staevin, our AFI Boarding Supervisor, and family on the birth of her daughter, McKenzie Emerin, born August 26th. She is welcomed by her Daddy, big brother, Pierce and big sister, Harper. Baby Kenzie and family are doing great!

2018 ampliFI Conferences- powered by Magic-Wrighter

  • September 12-14 West Pay Symposium in ScottsDale, AZ
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  • October 2-4 UMACHA Navigation Payments in Bloomington, MN
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  • October 24-26 EPCOR Payments Fall Conference in Overland, KS

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